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Located in scenic Bendigo, Capstone Collections prides itself on providing a personal and professional service with a nationwide reach. Our staff are trained in contacting debtors located anywhere in Australia supported by an approved network of experienced field agents should in-person attendance be necessary. Our aim is to avoid you needing to go down the costly and time consuming legal path to collect your debt.

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Bendigo is located in the heart of Victoria, Australia, approximately 150 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, the state capital. As of 2019, Bendigo had an urban population of 100,991, making it Australia’s 19th-largest city and the fourth-most populous city in Victoria.

Gold was discovered on the Bendigo Creek in 1851, which transformed the area into one of colonial Australia’s largest boomtowns. The Victorian gold rush, brought with it an influx of migrants from around the world, particularly Europe and China. Bendigo became eastern Australia’s largest 19th century gold-mining economy, and the wealth generated during this period is reflected today in the city’s Victorian architectural heritage.

Bendigo is the only Australian town named after a boxer. In the 1850s there was a world-famous English boxer named Abednego William Thompson. His nickname was Bendigo. Such was his fame that a local shepherd, because he was a good boxer, was called Bendigo in his honour.
From 1853 until 1891, Bendigo was officially named Sandhurst.Following a public poll in 1891, the city’s name reverted back to Bendigo.

Bendigo’s boom period lasted until the early 20th century and, after a temporary decline in population and employment, renewed growth occurred from the 1930s as the city consolidated as a manufacturing and regional service centre. Although gold mining continues, recent population growth has been most heavily concentrated in suburban areas. With the completion of the Calder Freeway linking Melbourne and Bendigo in 2009, and the region’s proximity to Melbourne, Bendigo has become one of the fastest-growing regional centres in Victoria.


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What people say about us

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