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Capstone Collections was established in 2017 building on the already established debt collection agency commenced within Central Victorian Mercantile. We are debt recovery specialists providing debt collection services to commercial businesses and individuals in Victoria with the objective of taking away the effort required to recover monies owed to you. In the case of business clients, we understand that debt collection is not your business but ours. By engaging Capstone Collections, you can concentrate on your core business, while we quickly and efficiently undertake the debt collection process on your behalf.

Working professionally and within industry regulations and guidelines at all times, our reputation is built upon listening to your needs and working as your representative to recover the debt owed to you. Our experienced agents offer an industry leading standard of expertise and years of service in the industry to get the job done. Every collection request is assigned to an agent who regularly and personally maintains contact with you until completion. Call us to confidentially discuss your situation & how we can help! What are you waiting for? Start recovering your small business debts with the best debt collection agency in Victoria.

  • High standard of debt collection expertise
  • Professionally trained staff
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Register Online

If you haven’t done so already, submit a registration form with your individual/small business details. This will take less than 2 minutes via our online form.

Submit Collection Requests

Now that you’re registered with us, start sending through your outstanding accounts and our team of specialised debt collectors will take care of the rest! The ‘Collection Request’ form is another online form that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Attach any documentation (invoices, statements, etc) and you’re away!

Leave It To Us!

Our professional debt collectors will get straight to work with our ‘tried and tested’ debt collection methods. We will contact you if we have any questions in relation to the debt, but other than that, sit back and let us do what we do best!



If you have a small amount of debt to collect, you may find our ‘Payment Request’ service of benefit.

By using this service, you are not registering with Capstone Collections, and can create your own Notice of Demand. The process is done entirely online.

Simply fill out your details, along with your debtor’s details and after payment is made (Via PayPal), you will be redirected to your very own, personalised Notice of Demand, using Capstone Collections letterhead.

The cost of this service is $27.50 (GST Inc).

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  • Debt Collection

    We adopt a ‘Firm but Fair’ approach to our Debt Collection services in Australia.

  • Field Calls

    Attending debtor’s address in order to confirm residency, contact details and making request for…

  • Process Serving

    Serving complaints, Summons and other documents as issued by the state and federal courts…

Debt Collection Agency for Small Business

A good debt collection procedure ensures that by collecting debts owed to you add to the profitability of your small business. Without having a sound debt collection procedure – the overall cost of a job can quickly become more expensive.

It’s important to understand that recovering bad debt is not always a quick process. Slow payments can create short-term cash flow problems that can cost you valuable time and money.

Implementing and maintaining solid debt procedures for dealing with delinquent accounts is a crucial step to avoiding bad debts.

The Process of Small Business Debt Collection:

The small business debt collection process should include persistent, frequent follow-ups that become sterner based on the age of the debt and the debtor you are dealing with. .

Business invoicing needs to be performed in a timely manner and should always include your payment terms. Consistent invoicing habits are a must for any small business owner who wants to avoid consistent bad debts and ensure good cash flow.

A good debt collection process will allow you to grow your business by ensuring your payments are received in a timely manner as well as maintaining your client relationships.

Choosing a Debt Collection Company:

Choosing a debt collection company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business’ cash flow.

Capstone Collections is a specialised debt collection agency who collects debts on behalf of a number of small businesses across Victoria, with our head office based in Bendigo, Vic.

How our debt recovery lawyers can help:

1. A debt collection letter needs to be sent to the debtor and must include include specific details of the debt, a request that payment be made by a certain dates and a warning that debt recovery options will be pursued if payment is not received by the agreed date.

2. Commence court proceedings with the filing of a ‘Statement of Claim’. The Court responsible for handling the matter will vary depending on the amount of the debt.

3. Depending on the way that the debtor responds to the ‘Statement of Claim’ will determine the next steps we take on your behalf. The debtor may agree to an instalment order, they may not respond at all in which case a Court Judgment will be obtained.

If you need help avoiding bad debts for your business, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 5400 1281.

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